The Watch Guy

If you are reading this it doesn’t necessarily mean you have time. It simply means you were curious.
Time is a precious moment that we cannot afford to waste. Many of us don’t look at our watch to see what time it is, we look down at our watch for two reasons, first of all because we need to see how long we have left until our next meeting and secondly, because looking down at the watch you chose to wear this busy day makes you smile.
So no, I don’t care what time it is, no matter the time, it’s always too damn late and the day is too damn short.
So that’s actually me in a nutshell, and maybe even you. But I admit, that I will think about what watch I will wear next week, I will probably not fall asleep without checking the price list (maybe I should simultaneously check my bank account) of certain timepieces on my bucket list and yes….I sleep with my watch, yes and my wife, but I’m wearing the watch smart alec!
This blog is me at 40, yes I just turned 40 and realized something, I didn’t get older or more mature, I simply don’t give a darn about being called a kid anymore.
I believe that by forty every man should have worn a tux, smoked a Cuban, travelled First class, hell even flown on a private jet (even cooler if you didn’t pay for it), shot a gun, driven a porsche 911 ( I said Porsche didn’t I), enjoyed a cruise, know how to iron a shirt ( I didn’t say iron it, I said know how to!- Big difference), admitted they were wrong (for not buying the beamer instead of the Camaro), cried, gone diving, lost some money, made some serious money (and lost it again), lie about your age, have a vintage watch in the collection and dream of a Patek.
So yes, here I am at 40 and that’s me up here, suffering from a sever case Peter Pan syndrome. Oh and I’m lovin’it!
So I decided to share part of my crazy ADHD sleepless nights by blogging about something that I always keep at arm’s length.
I will usually try and keep it straight and to the point, because none of us have time ok even the ones with time don’t have patience or can’t read and just came to look at the pictures.
I love matchmaking an undecided male or female to their unfound love, no it’s not a dating blog, I mean to find a watch. A watch that will define you that you will love to wear smile every time you look at it, people will notice what you are wearing and you will be forever indebted to me!
The other part of this blog is to network, I would love to hear from you. Which watch defines you or what you want to read about.
I hope to share my small collection over the next few weeks or months and telling you not only about my watch, but when and why I may have chosen to wear it, or how pissed my wife was when I bought it or better, how I lied about the price tag!
Last but not least, in the long run I hope to be a hookup for you and share my contacts where and how to buy your next watch or to sell your watch to move on to bigger and better.
I do not tolerate the bank manager behind the big mahogany desk wearing a pinstripe suite wearing a swatch or maybe worse, not wearing a watch. I probably hate it as much as the CEO at large corporation writing with a BIC pen (yes they write better than some fancy pens, but you get my point!).
So there, that’s me and I will add humor to most of my posts, because it’s my blog, that’s why!
So stop krechtzing that its late and get back to work right after signing up to read up on my latest hock!
Clocks tickin’
WATCH out for my next write up.
Oh and yes most importantly, I’m wearing an IWC chronograph automatic right now, nothing else 