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The Unboxing of a Rolex

Most of us when we were young (and naive?) compared Rolex automatically with the luxury department.

A branding that translates Rolls Royce as THE luxury car, a cowboy to the Marlboro man, and Omega to Cindy Crawford.

It is indeed marketing and companies like Rolex and Coca Cola whom we can definitely learn from, but bottom line the above mentioned do have a topnotch incredible unbeatable exceptional production and secret.

My first Rolex was when I turned 30, which was way after I knew better than to limit luxury watches to Rolex. However it was still the watch that I wanted on my wrist.

Was it because I wanted the people that are less-knowledgeable in the industry to recognize what I am wearing? Well, yes maybe a little, I admit that it was a statement my inner devilish side conquered and defeated that humble side of me. But that was the only time I gave in to that devil, I promise. But I do tend to fib once in a while. Damn devil.

The Basel fare came and I knew that finally Rolex will possibly be revamping the Daytona. I admit having a very weak spot (between the many demons, devils and angels lingering between my cerebrum and my cerebellum. So I was the only one NOT blown away by the new Daytona Cosmograph.

Yes I still love that watch, and I think its very cool that they brought back a little heritage, it can do stuff in measuring fast stuff of up to 400km/hr and wont let UV ruin the color of your watch if u wear it daily for the next 47 billion years. First of all, I hope and sincerely belss you that you should never ONLY wear one watch for your entire life. But feeling weak in my knees and in need of sugar, I was about to yell on top of my lungs….WHERE THE HELL IS THE DATE????? But a little angel whispered something in my ear and I gained my posture and just stared at people gazing at this new 2016 Daytona.


Dear Rolex,

I love you even when you don’t tell time oh so accurately, and please continue to wear that crown proudly.
But what daddy couldn’t go, daddy’s little girl will do better. I will get my Tudor BLACKSHIELD, because that’s a

Daytona with a date!!!

But did you know that the Daytona 2016 comes in Black?

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