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The Avant-Premiere

My friend Jamal was co-producer of a children’s movie.  He told me a lot about it along the entire trail of filming which took a year (was supposed to be like a month) and I was genuinely excited for him.

It was his very first movie and Jamal being the nicest of guys and a perfectionist, I knew it would shlep and take forever till it’s ready.

Finally the day arrived and I see a PM from Jamal, please join me at the avant-premiere to my production.

Whooa, I was really excited. The movie is about a girl from Turkish origin living in Belgium and is able to save a child trapped in a fairy tale. Ok that was the VERY short version and I just gave away the happy ending, sorry.

The movie was all filmed in Antwerp with many local Belgian actors/actresses and in Flemish ( with a touch of Turkish and English). So I called my date, who told me she might be busy that evening , but finally called me back at work and I was really excited when she said :  “Daddy, I think I can make it , so Ill go with you, what should I wear and what time are we going?”

Did I mention my daughter is 13?  Anyway, you will look great sweetie, so happy you’re joining me; ill pick you up at 7pm.

Dark suit, pink shirt no tie and yep….here it comes –

eenie meeny miny mo which ‘montre’ will come along to the show?

And there it was my modern yet vintage Girard Perragaux. It was perfect. I love this watch because it fits any day and any type of event. The rubber band would fit the movies, the vintage and deep look it has will fit the type of event, of and the glow in the dark time will definitely be beneficial, don’t forget…it is a kids movie I’m going to be sitting thru.

But it also had a deeper meaning, yeah im that nuts. GP was the first watch make to have all facets made under one roof. From a-z all thru their in-house team, which also led them to eventually years later to become the first large commercially available wristwatch. So I guess it made me think of Jamal and his movie bringing different nationalities and languages into one production.

So there she is, accompanying me to the avant-premiere of Isra en het Magisch boek” under one arm and on the other wrist she lays perfectly right next to the VIP bracelet for the after-movie reception.


Daddy’s little girls ….

And they lived happily ever after,

The end.



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