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Porsche Design P’6350

What came first, the watch or the car?

Sitting here and staring at my new purchase. The addict in me couldn’t shake it off and I knew it was going to happen. First you notice it somewhere, and then you forget about it. A while later at that moment when you don’t have internet access you say, hey I never checked that out and that’s when you make an actual mental note to look into it.

So that’s what happened with my Porsche design Flat six automatic. I love Porsche, so maybe this was the affordable way to go, starting slow….Nah! Who am I kidding? I do love Porsche and I tend to believe that they would not let me down with their wheels of motion even if it’s on my wrist.

Porsche design is not just another company that offered their services to the Porsche family and got their blessing to go forth and multiply. Porsche design was created by Professor Ferdinand Alexander Porsche and remains in the family of luxury. Now why do I mention this? Actually maybe some more information you can choose to forget or to sound really smart, but the main reason is because Butzi (that was his nickname) was the designer of the first Porsche 911! Now that is good info.

The flat 6 owes its name to the flat 6 engine with yes obviously 6 cylinders arranged horizontally resulting in good balance, short engine length and effective air cooling. Now that you know this, go show off and make believe you know what the heck I am talking about the next time you see or even wear this model.

I was at first looking at the perfectly white dial, for some reason it grabbed my attention. Well, not just for some reason, but simply because the white dial is not very common, I mean a real very white dial that is.

However, the grey version is the one that I finally chose. It felt more Porsche to me, the color of the 911 I once drove at speeds I cannot publish, the silver numerals with the black casing was an eye catcher, and I was even able to say I don’t have a grey watch in my collection. ( wife didn’t buy that excuse)

The watch is actually quite heavy (130grams), considering the fact that it has a rubber strap which makes the watch look lightweight. Personally not a disappointment as I like a little weight on my wrist. The inside of the strap has a tire tread pattern and on the outside the words Porsche design across.

The date is at 3 o’clock, the case diameter is 44mm but actually doesn’t look that big on my wrist. I still have to figure out why in the world watchmakers tend to do this, but this watch can go down up to 100 meters. I love diving, and I just came back from my summer vacation where I spent part of it 30 meters under water and with a combination of Nitrox enjoyed it longer (was either that or quality time enjoying the sand in my ears and nose at the beach running after my wife and kids and smiling as my wife tells me to relax and enjoy quality time), so as a diver, if my watch is at 100m below, its either lost or I don’t care what time it is anymore.

See what I was wearing down below here (link)

It has a nice reserve de marche of 42 hours by simply turning the crown clockwise a few turns to restart it. They should do that with an extra gas tank on their cars!

I got a few looks and compliments wearing it this weekend, which is always fun. But when people wanted to try it on and see it up close, I noticed how much I don’t like the band and its buckle. No its not loose or crappy, au contraire its great quality, but I would have preferred a nice closure to this design as opposed to a simple buckle.

There is a nice open back showing the cool wheel design, but it’s quite dark for some reason. ON one hand that’s pretty cool, because it’s kinda unique, most open backs are very clear and showing off the gizzards, here it’s almost like you need a flashlight to look under the hood.

Movement is Swiss made and Automatic and though Eterna stands behind the Porsche Design watches in Grenchen Switzerland, personally I would move out of Grenchen.

But in reality it has become common to only list movement as Automatic Swiss made, this is worth a post in itself, which I will discuss one day probably, but often in the luxury items you will find ETA movements, however over the years their copyright and patent expired and Sellita jumped on the bandwagon producing replicas of the ETA movements. Though today they are up to par, many will still call them the generic brand of ETA.

In closing, I am a fan of Porsche and its Porsche design collection, I am very much enjoying this more sporty time wear and happy to add this to my collection.

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