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Pebble in the pond

I was one of the early guys that invested in the Pebble.
It was a lovely experience and te hype on kickstarter was actually an added thrill.

I usually would write about the luxury item but ll make an exception for a project that thru crowdfunding raised enough money to probably buy Panerai watches (yes they too are for sale). Okay not quite enough, but they did initially raise over 10 million bucks to create the pebble or then known as the e-paper.

I really enjoyed the pebble technology watch, wth an open interface leaving it really open for programmers to go forth and multiply ( see that Apple?).

Times for the luxury watch industry has taken quite a toll recently and we see fo example a strong growing demand for smart watches (thank you Apple).

So being open minded and proving that not only i believe in the future, but to prove to my wife that i can wear something that isn’t a major name brand and im not such a snob, i joined pebble family. (She didn’t fall for it)

I wore my pebble proudly and it got quite a bit of attention.
But once the apple watch came out it found a place in a drawer and only very rarely did it find its way back to papa, im sorry.

There was a rumour that in 2015 the pebble technology was valued at 740 million and didn’t sell. About a year later still in early 2016 they were offered 70 million and held their heads high.

We didn’t finish the year and to get out of debt, pebble technology was forced into sale and bought out by FitBit for (much) less than 40 million and not only closing pebble down but not offering their team any jobs or positions. (Okay Apple, i got it)

So to al pebble fans and backers, if you have one, save it like a tape recorder. If you ordered but didn’t get it, it seems that you will be getting a refund. But if you are from Theo ER million owners of this paper watch, well it seems that service and functions will b coming to an end which means that indeed you now no longer have a paper watch but a paper weight.

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