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Brussels Expo 2018: Three brands I enjoyed most

Brussels Expo 2018: three brands I enjoyed most

Just a short note to pick out my three brands that I enjoyed the most at this venue.
The most impressive part to me was that managed to put together a small collection of high end top of the line drool-over-me timepieces and more so with some pieces that have not been released to our market yet.
Meaning this was really the place to be to get a first hands on, look, touch, feel and wear for some major brands.

Let me start with the most interesting one. Breitling. Interesting? Breitling? Another airplane watch? Another chrono? Another Navitimer? Well, yes and no.
Indeed there is a new Navitimer 8 automatic which come in 41 and 43mm. But there is a change, the bezel is really interesting bidirectional with a tribute to the first Pilot watch from early 20th century bringing back classis and contempory. Unfortunately not all with a in) house movement, but still a lovely new design.
My favorite new one from breitling will definitely be the Premier 2018 collection.
This too brings back an iconic Breitling from 1945 known as ref. 777 with the 12 hour chronograph recorder. Bu the new version B01 is not only stunning but the choice of colors make it really irresistible. With 42 mm of wristspace and 70 hours reserve de Marche this one will definitely hit Breitling into a class of sporty combined with class. Oh okay fine, Charlize Theron is the new ambassador (and Raquel Welch also wore a Breitling).

Now besides that these Navitimers that are pretty funky and the Premiers which I am a huge fan of, Breitling went all out this time to a point of no return. True to its campaign #squadonamission , they actually double dares with not only a contemporary design, but they even named it day-date!
This 40mm newcomer will make you look twice to call it a Breitling. With 40mm and only a 38 hour reserve de marche it still has a very (too) clean look if you go for the stainless version. The crocodile strap with a darker face actually look fuller and nicer in my opinion, but not sure if Breitling was ready for this huge leap.

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