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Brussels Expo 2018 – passion for watches

And then after your neck hurting from trying not to miss anything left right and center, you come across this interesting vintage timepiece that really pulls you like a magnet to want to see more of it.
Welcome to Oris. I enjoy quite a few challenging sports and must admit that Oris can be found in a little bit of every part of me. For skydiving I opted an Oris watch, when I go diving I have an Oris companion and you can find me on the racetrack doing a few laps, well there I think I found a new partner. If Sir Frank Williams could race at the Formula 1 with Oris, I think im ready to try it too.
The retro Oris design from the Chronoris with just 39mm and its vintage strap it looks fabulous. I tried it on and its weight was a little more than expected but cushioned so nicely on my wrist.

Oris has its classy versions for the perfect night out, dinner or club as well. Their choice for women’s watches is maybe a little less, but nevertheless available and anyway, a mans watch on a woman still strikes a chord in my books.

Well done President Herzog.

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