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Baselworld 2017

The rally rocked, the show was fun, the people were awesome and eyecandy (I mean the wrist accessories!!) were oh so tempting.

 So, I will Instagram some pictures now and slowly but slowly dedicate the right time to all my observations, meetings.

 Obviously, the release of the new version of the Rolex sky-dweller a huge hit (and price difference) and a huge focus on Patek Philippe as usual. But I met some awesome people off the beaten path.

 Some at brands that you may recognize, while others may be less known to ya’all but definitely have a story to tell and an inner passion that deserve the attention.

 I admit that I expected to see more people and some companies no longer attend, which are definitely missed.

 Unfortunately, time flies when you’re having fun and could not see everyone that I had hoped for.

 So ‘watch’ out for the upcoming posts and definitely follow us on Instagram @ watchista911 for the cool pictures of Baselworld17 and parts of our Premier Rally to the show and back.


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