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Azimuth Mr Roboto

Whether you remember Rosy from the Jetsons or the golden robot C-3PO from Starwars, when thinking of robots, we don’t look to the future but remember our youth. Actually quite strange if you think about it. Robots are supposed to be part of the future, yet instead of thinking of the year 2100 we think back to the 1950’s or 80’s.
I definitely smiled when I got my hands on Mr Roboto. At first I was like, seriously…your kidding. But as a Mona Lisa that just sees you from any angle, Roboto or R2 for friends, just kept looking at me, and I smiled.
This one-eared funny faced time-machine was gonna had me wrapped around my wrist within minutes. And I didn’t care about the 47.5mm wide, 55mm long, and about 19mm thickness.
My wife was like, “your not serious?” but she didn’t even expect an answer as I put on my dinner jacket for the gala event we were about to attend.
We became very close that evening, yes, we bonded. Due to its weight I needed to have him a little tighter than I usually tend to wear my watch, but I could almost feel that heart pumping. That pumping at 28,800 VPH was just the talk of the evening at my table and beyond. Oh and everyone likes a partner at the gala with an open back, don’t you agree?
Yep, there aren’t many like these around. Like the one I walked in with, all men wanted to get close to me and especially once they found out that what I have is limited edition.
I even met Nick who brought his big eyed Azimuth to the gala, but more about him later.
Getting the time is not as complicated as it may seem, you do just have to look him right in the face. Much easier than expected and quickly get the hang of it. Roboto just needs and loves when you stare.
No one looked at this timepiece as a toy or gadget, everyone (okay, the men around me) were quite intrigued and enjoyed the concept and the memories it brought along.
I guess you can’t expect anything less from an Italian designer based in Switzerland. Giuseppe is a brilliant mind and no, he did not create Pinocchio looking watches, but he did take his designs to a different level. The unique design (which you should appreciate the fact that all is done in-house) the complications and innovativeness are the reason why Switzerland and Italy share borders. Italian design and Swiss timekeeping. What else can you ask for?
ども ありがと
Domo Arigato!

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