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Is it because I am undecisive or am I just lucky that I like so many different styles of watches. Like any watch enthusiast, you will identify yourself as someone that does not need to go diving in order to wear a divers watch. I won’t necessarily wear a vintage style when I go to a 60’s themed party.
However, I might wear a Cuervo Y Sobrinos when I am chewing a cigar, but then again, its more about the mood then the event.
But I also enjoy being different, having something unusual or maybe because it just gives me something to talk about.
So here comes the AVI-8. I am wearing one of these watches for nearly 2 weeks (yes that doesn’t happen often, but that’s as long as it ever gets). People have asked me about it, they are all over Facebook and have some very cool designs.
Obviously AVI-8 is all about aviation. The designs are very WWI and WWII aviator style. As they say, the collection of timepieces seeks to honor both the aircraft and the untold story of the airmen who have dedicated themselves both in and out of the cockpit to bring these incredible machines to life.
Being quite a military and aircraft fan myself, I was happy that the Hawker got some well-deserved attention.
The Hawker besides constantly being updated is unique for the short runways or where landing is not the easiest. Basically, the rebel, the different one, the unique one. Just the way I like it.
The khaki numerals on the face and on the hands are nice to complete the military look, along with the matching strap. The stand-out is the reminder of the Altimeter cockpit dial which does not have a 12 but the 0.
I have seen plenty with the 24 instead of the 12, but the 0 is quite unique.
The Hawker Harrier II also has a day display which is quite neat. An indicator displays next to the current day while all days remain visible and the week starts with Monday. Though a cute feature, I would have preferred this to be on the left side of the face which is where you can often find the checklist on the instrument panel of the aircraft dials.
The back is nicely engraved with a nice picture of the Hawker II, you can find plenty of open backs at AVI-8, and Im usually a fan of the open back, but for the sake of the aircraft, I am quite happy with this.
But it wears very nicely, the genuine leather strap is very comfortable and the one I am wearing is quite thick and I like that the AVI-8 is deeply incrusted into the leather strap. Which also means that it will not fade or be illegible after wearing it for a while.
Buckle is simple but also has the AVI-8 on it and the casing along with the fact that its 50M is quite a shame. However, the movement is decent for this type of watch and fits the price nicely, Citizen has some excellent movements that are found in many similar watches. The retail is quite higher then what you can get it for, but that’s part of the fun of finding your watch.

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