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Telling time in different languages

The diversity edition by Elka watch & co.

Window shopping or just shopping in general is not cut out for everyone, especially when you just promised to tag along with your wife/companion on that lovely Sunday when all the stores are open.
So when that moment occurs when your told, wait here honey, Ill just be a minute while pointing at a pair of shoes in a window, you just know that you have time to answer all your mails, make some phone calls and maybe even quickly grab an ice cream. But then as you start walking you glance into a window that’s more your speed. Like puppies in a kennel jumping up at any visitor they see, these watches just poke you in the eye and you cant stop staring.
We all have that watch that we really want to own but don’t own it YET, because of various reasons often too expensive or so says the wife that just bought shoes that can feed a country. Very often, like in my case this time while simply window shopping, I noticed a watch brand that I remember reading about vaguely but it really stood out. Elka watches.

Its founder Hakim El Kadir stood out to me in one of his interviews when Jonathan Kopp asked him about his own watch collection, he basically pointed out that he has a few but is not a real collector. Hakim answered that he had a few watches like Swatch, Hamilton etc… I was intrigued. At the time that interview was taken, I am not even sure he meant the moonswatch form Swatch. If he did, I hope he has the Neptune. Either way, it was not the answer I expected from a watcheneer (that should be a word!)
So Hakim is this real family man that has a passion and doesn’t want to copy the watch that everyone wants or needs to have, he is a creator and wants to offer something unique.
So what caught my eye this time? He along with Alon Ben Joseph brought something unique to the world of watches. Being both in Amsterdam, there is probably no better place to share their collection called DIVERSITY. A unique limited collection of 4 watches each with different numerals.

Not your classic numbers but a choice of Arabic, Chinese, Hindi and Hebrew. Today, many of us do not just wear a watch to tell time, lets be honest, how many times have you looked at your phone for time when you just had to flip your wrist. Your watch is not just for time, it defines you and maybe even makes you feel who you want to be.

In a world where conformity often vies for attention, these limited edition watches offer a refreshing departure from the ordinary. They’re not just accessories; they’re anchors of uniqueness in a sea of similarity. That is exactly their goal and they succeeded.

Under the hood a La joux Perret with a 68 hour reserve also proves that its not only what the eye sees but there is much more to this collectors item.

There are many facets that draw my attention. The look, the feel, for some even the weight. Personally i rarely wear a watch without a date, but that’s my own Mishigaas (stems from the word meshuga which is the word most wives use when you come home with a new watch).
Besides my IWC Portuguese I am not sure I have another watch without date. I know its personal and maybe even silly, but i rarely will make an exception for that. These are one of the times an exception is in order.

Another part of my personal belief which i like sharing is being part of someone’s success is such a beautiful thing. How often do you get that chance. Hakim carefully chose a local jeweller to promote this collection. I love the fact that a well known jeweller collaborates with a watchmaker

and combine what the watchmaker (watcheneer) knows alongside the knowledge of jeweler who has taste and knows what customers like.

Last but not least, its a limited edition. Of each watch there are 25 pieces, which is really unique. It is a rare opportunity to be part of a something unique, own something special and know that there are only 25 like you in the world. Well 24, because I

needed one in my collection as well.

The collaboration between Hakim/ ELKA and Alon from Ace Jewelers is amazing. Their shop has amazing customer service. They don’t know but I had already once purchased an Omega globemaster annual calendar from them and was extremely satisfied (I love the watch too!).


I equally love being able to WhatsApp with a seller, its so much more personal for me then just buying online or over the phone. They answered me really quickly and in no time my Hebrew version options were given to me I was able to choose which number I preferred and it was delivered the next day nicely wrapped in a giftbox with this Hermes style ribbon around the box.

In conclusion, Hakim el Kadiri and Alon ben Joseph’s limited edition watches are more than just timekeepers. They’re a tapestry of cultural influences woven with the threads of diversity and tolerance. Beyond the mechanics lies a deeper narrative, one that speaks of quality, endurance, and individuality. So, when you fasten one of these exquisite timepieces to your wrist, you’re not merely wearing a watch; you’re showcasing a harmonious blend of artistry, values, and a touch of humor that sets you apart in a world that’s always racing against time.
And you? Well if she bought the shoes, why not buy a matching watch?
Peace, love, cars, watches and wines.



Brand Ace Jewelers x Elka Watch Company
Model Diversity Series
Case Dimensions 40.8mm (D) x 46.5mm (L2L) x 10.8mm (H)
Case Material Stainless steel
Water Resistance 30m
Crystal(s) Sapphire
Dial Blue
Strap Leather
Movement La Joux Perret G100
Power Reserve 68 hours
Availability Limited to 25 pieces each, with 7 collector box sets
Price CHF1,625 (One watch) / CHF6,500 (Set of 4)

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Brussels Expo 2018: Saving the best for last!

Brussels Expo 2018: Saving the best for last!

Its movements are from the most remarkable ones used in the industry.
Its collection fits into everyone’s wardrobe.
Welcome to Zenith. A brand that has been around since 1865 and probably won more awards than anyone else in the industry. Zenith has over 2300 awards , over 300 patents designed movements for about 600 different versions with innovative designs like the gravity control gyroscopic module.
But the future of tradition has arrived. The new Defy collection. This timepiece which is currently only available or actually not available anymore in limited edition is probably the worlds most accurate mechanical watch. It takes the El Primero and the Zenith Gracity control to a new challenge and to a whole new level.
Though the new design for the El Primero classic will be a hit, especially since this year Zenith will be celebrating 50 years for this iconic contribution to the watch industry, I believe that the Defy zero G and the like will be a huge hit at the Basel 2019 show. This Zenith Defy was the last watch I expected to see today and was worth the trip and the day just to get a this on my wrist.

Next year I assume with some (hopefully minute) changes, the Defy will be more available at larger but still limited quantities and the price will also be a drastic change (for the better!). So I would definitely not hesitate and get that ticket on their waitinglist before Basel 2019.

Just my two kopeks.

Oh and yes, for those that know me…there is no date on this baby, I will just call it pain for beauty but indeed…against my principles. Thanks for noticing 😊

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Brussels Expo 2018 – passion for watches

And then after your neck hurting from trying not to miss anything left right and center, you come across this interesting vintage timepiece that really pulls you like a magnet to want to see more of it.
Welcome to Oris. I enjoy quite a few challenging sports and must admit that Oris can be found in a little bit of every part of me. For skydiving I opted an Oris watch, when I go diving I have an Oris companion and you can find me on the racetrack doing a few laps, well there I think I found a new partner. If Sir Frank Williams could race at the Formula 1 with Oris, I think im ready to try it too.
The retro Oris design from the Chronoris with just 39mm and its vintage strap it looks fabulous. I tried it on and its weight was a little more than expected but cushioned so nicely on my wrist.

Oris has its classy versions for the perfect night out, dinner or club as well. Their choice for women’s watches is maybe a little less, but nevertheless available and anyway, a mans watch on a woman still strikes a chord in my books.

Well done President Herzog.

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Brussels Expo 2018: Three brands I enjoyed most

Brussels Expo 2018: three brands I enjoyed most

Just a short note to pick out my three brands that I enjoyed the most at this venue.
The most impressive part to me was that managed to put together a small collection of high end top of the line drool-over-me timepieces and more so with some pieces that have not been released to our market yet.
Meaning this was really the place to be to get a first hands on, look, touch, feel and wear for some major brands.

Let me start with the most interesting one. Breitling. Interesting? Breitling? Another airplane watch? Another chrono? Another Navitimer? Well, yes and no.
Indeed there is a new Navitimer 8 automatic which come in 41 and 43mm. But there is a change, the bezel is really interesting bidirectional with a tribute to the first Pilot watch from early 20th century bringing back classis and contempory. Unfortunately not all with a in) house movement, but still a lovely new design.
My favorite new one from breitling will definitely be the Premier 2018 collection.
This too brings back an iconic Breitling from 1945 known as ref. 777 with the 12 hour chronograph recorder. Bu the new version B01 is not only stunning but the choice of colors make it really irresistible. With 42 mm of wristspace and 70 hours reserve de Marche this one will definitely hit Breitling into a class of sporty combined with class. Oh okay fine, Charlize Theron is the new ambassador (and Raquel Welch also wore a Breitling).

Now besides that these Navitimers that are pretty funky and the Premiers which I am a huge fan of, Breitling went all out this time to a point of no return. True to its campaign #squadonamission , they actually double dares with not only a contemporary design, but they even named it day-date!
This 40mm newcomer will make you look twice to call it a Breitling. With 40mm and only a 38 hour reserve de marche it still has a very (too) clean look if you go for the stainless version. The crocodile strap with a darker face actually look fuller and nicer in my opinion, but not sure if Breitling was ready for this huge leap.